Thursday, May 5, 2011

My 7th Grade Euro trip

In the course of going through everything I own and separating out the stuff I no longer need, I found the following paper written in 7th grade:

Euro Trip
           My trip to Europe was a good learning experience.  We saw the Eiffel Tower and then we went to Rome and saw the Colosseum and a lot of stone buildings.  We then got to sail the Mediterranean and saw a mermaid.  When we reached Greece, I hiked Mount Olympus and saw the Apollo Amphitheater.  it would be hard to follow Greece, but then we went to Spain and saw a Bull Fight, we ate a bunch of Burritos and a lot of Tacos.  
            My trip to Europe was one I'll never forget.

Well, I feel really good about my premonition from 7th grade, especially relating to Mermaids, and the lack of mentioning backpacks.

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