Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apps anyone?

I've got an interactive Star Chart on my Galaxy Tab that adjusts to the sky as I rotate the screen.  Just one of the new Applications I downloaded onto a soon to be obsolete toy.  There's also a couple of gun apps, a lighter, a magic eightball, and other time wasting opiates.  Still working on getting some books and other media downloaded, although I still and perhaps always will prefer the paperback.

 My packing list consists of the following items:

Levis jeans, belt and buckle, cowboy boots, DNR t-shirt, 3 books, Montana Logger ball cap, a drawstring bag, wallet, passport, socks, knit gloves, bandana, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss card, Burt's Bees chapstick, Samsung Galaxy Tab, charger, earphones, underwear, european sized swim trucks, Star Wars hoodie, and my fanny pack.

 While I do wish my niece Katherine and dog Earl could come, they unfortunately need to stay with my sister; which I'm alright with due to the diaper changing.  Everything else fit quite well on my person.  I did decide on a small drawstring backpack bag to allow expandable storage.  Helpful when striping off the hoodie, or holding things while looking for a Post Office for shipping stateside.

A change from my last Fanny Trekk is the addition of the tablet, which eliminates the need of cameras and cellphones (and respective chargers).  I'll only be communicating by email, Facebook, and this blog, all readily accessible by some tasty little apps.

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  1. You have a Star Wars hoody? Nice choice. And the DNR shirt too, obviously.