Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everything is fine

I had to get a new plug for my Galaxy Tablet this morning, and didn't have any trouble getting one.  The trouble came when I went to charge it and it wouldn't charge.  The connection was there, but the little battery emblem had a big X on the battery.  I'll leave out the details of me walking the city for 5 hours going to different cell phone and electronics shops searching for a new connector; one that just happens to be exclusively used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and nothing else.  I found two that were car chargers, but they didn't work either.  I had to return the first, and I tried the second in the store with no luck.  I never found another one after that, and the only way I managed to charge the thing was by plugging it into the base unit of the demo they had on display at a cell phone store.  So now, I have to order one online and ship to a location I know I'll be at for a few days; probably Dublin, which is my next stop. 

Also my credit cards got demagnetized.  How did this happen?  Fuck if I know.  But, their numbers work; I just can't get cash.  Luckily I still have 160 Pounds British Sterling (that's the full name of their currency).  So, I'm back at the same Hostel in Piccadilly Circus for another night.  By-the-way, everything here is called circuses instead of squares.  Like Times Square would be Times Circus. 

An overall frustrating day, but I did manage to read in a park for a few hours.  There are all of these private parks, and not just the Queens Mews; but a bunch of small ones as well.  You need a key to get into them, and their landscaping is meticulous; as if some rich lord built his estate and then bought-up the land next door to build a private garden-park for all of his friends.  And these things are big, generally at least an acre.  It's all really striking to me considering the importance of parks within city spaces in America.  Plus, these parks aren't electrified with metal spikes on the top of a 12-foot brick wall like the setup of the Queen’s park.

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  1. Hey Pip, are you being held captive by one of your couch surfing hosts? It's a little odd that your last post was titled "Everything is fine" and then there's no update for 3 days... How long do I wait before selling all the stuff you left in my garage? ;oP